Alabama returning Montgomery public schools to local control

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — The state school board has unanimously agreed to end its oversight of Montgomery's public school system after more than four years.

Members voted Thursday to accept a recommendation by State School Superintendent Eric Mackey that the Department of Education return control to local officials, news outlets reported.

The state intervention will end Dec. 1.

“We feel really good. Things are on track now that we’ll have a good opening to school in the summer,” Mackey said. “The thing I’m most excited for is what’s going on at summer school. Montgomery is doing the most progressive summer school that they’ve done in many decades, and they have a lot of students signed up for it.”

The state board intervened in the system in early 2017, when student scores and finances were lagging and some top administrative jobs were vacant. Student performance remains a concern, but the system now has a reserve fund and roles have been filled.

Clare Weil, president of the school board, said the decision came at a time when Montgomery is on ‘’a really good trajectory" to become a good system.