123rd District: An independent voice

We should select as our representative someone who we think would do a good job. Someone that listens to the people, yet has enough certainty of purpose, enough specialized knowledge to do what is right, even in the face of a great competition of forces that hope to sway us. Someone who through thoughtful deliberation and study, actually reads the majority of the legislation as they are casting our towns vote on behalf of the people in the General Assembly.

Is the candidate we are casting ballots for, experienced, independent enough to do the job? Does he know members of both factions in the legislature? Both Republican and Democratic factions, leaning upon their aged structures and prior glories for contemporary votes, seem to have sold away the promises of America's future to non-American, non-British, non-Western forces.

Only local democracy can remedy, during this age of globalization and business where banks such as JP Morgan find greater profit from loyalty to Beijing and their anti-capitalist tendencies than to the nation, the democracy that allowed their opportunity to exist. We need conservatives to conserve what we have left. That must be our focus, people! People with a world-view rooted in what is right about our state, are needed and I am proud of my travels and experience.

Some would like to opt out of this process, of voting. But it is as much a duty as it is a right and regardless of our choice, the victor will receive pay as it is their job. So you should vote, for government will not be limited unless we ensure it is bound through our consent.

Who shall we vote for? Some falsely believe that an unaffiliated candidate cannot win, that a person neither of this faction nor that would be of little interest to the citizens. But I believe in the power of the idea, that rational beings can listen to words and make them into actions. Let us not forget that victories are comprised of majorities and that the Republican Party too was once a 'third party.' In a town where half the registered voters choose to align with neither major party, affiliation is an albatross, it is meaningless. We, the people, say who is to be elected!

You, the voter should look at responsiveness and accessibility. Does the person who wants my vote responds to me when I call, or only during the autumn of their re-election? Does the person have the qualities I want in my advocate to the General Assembly? Lets not allow issues to solely make our minds up, although such things can indicate the nature of the man and help us determine his priorities. Politics, it is said is precarious, but of all our fates, democracy with faith and courage can determine our future.