Man the Grill in Style With a Discounted Hedley & Bennett Apron

One of my favorite things about quarantine-era YouTube cooking shows is that, in moving out of their professional kitchen studios, the cooks all made studios out of their home kitchens. And thus we got a look at what our favorite chefs and food personalities actually use in their day-to-day life. 

One thing that I found over and over and over again was that many of these gourmands wore aprons with a little ampersand tag on the front. These impossibly handsome and functional aprons are from a company called Hedley & Bennett, and right now you can pick one up yourself for up to 30% off in their Last Call sale section.

Maybe you, like me, have owned a cheap novelty apron in your lifetime. Or maybe you’re the kind of cook who throws caution to the wind and steps in front of a flaming grill or splattering cast iron without any sort of protection. If that’s your experience, what I can tell you is that, as we approach summer cookout season, you’ll have an infinitely better experience if you invest in a Hedley & Bennett thanks to the prime fabric choices, flattering design and mix of lower and upper pockets. Looking for the best deal? Try the Essential Apron in denim. Looking for the professional model? Try the All Day Crossback Apron, which is also miraculously on sale in our favorite denim.

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