Grace Farms subscription box delivers coffee, tea and cookies to your door

Photo of TinaMarie Craven

Grace Farms in New Canaan recently began offering their own monthly subscription box — Grace Farms Foods — featuring coffee, tea and cookies.

“When we first opened Grace Farms five years ago, we created an inclusive humanitarian center for advancing good in the world,” Sharon Prince, CEO and founder of the Grace Farms Foundation and co-founder of Grace Farms Foods, said in the card that accompanies the subscription box.

“Through the launch of our new line of signature foods, which exemplify the foundation’s charitable purpose we hope to empower consumers to take part in our environmental, social and gender parity causes.”

The offerings, which Grace Farms Foods refers to as drips, sips and chips, are available in a variety of monthly and gift options. Consumers can purchase a sample box which includes 3 of their signature salted chocolate chip cookies, 3.25 oz. of their River Roast coffee blend and an assortment of their herbal tea offerings to try before investing in a monthly subscription.

Grace Farms Foods tea flavors include rooibos chai, chamomile citrus, spearmint rose, hibiscus orange and lavender goji berry.

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In addition to the River Roast blend, Grace Farms Foods has two certified fair trade coffee blends, Single Origin Asoprosierra and Single Origin Ketiara. Grace Farms is sourcing their coffee beans from women-led co-ops in Ethiopia, Columbia and Indonesia.

The nonprofit teamed up with New Canaan resident and former “Chopped” champion Silvia Baldini to create their cookie recipe which includes “responsibly sourced cocoa from Guittard Chocolate and Fairtrade Certified sugar and vanilla.”

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