Twins Judy and Joy: How to keep cool with watermelon

There is only one fruit in our opinion that really shouts summer, and it is watermelon! You can be sure that it will be served at every backyard barbeque, or summer party this season. We will bet that everyone has a childhood watermelon memory: from mom serving ice cold slices after a hard play day to spitting seeds at each other and hoping they would stick to your friend’s forehead!  

Every Fourth of July we would go to our aunt's house and have the biggest celebration ever. They were the owners of our family grocery store, The Mohegan Market, so there was always so much food! All kinds of hotdogs from every company, the best juicy hamburgers, tender grilled pork ribs, and of course the sweetest watermelon from Uncle John’s favorite produce supplier, called Sweet Life! In those days, the typical watermelon was a very long oval shape and Uncle John would always do a stunning carving, which doubled as a bowl for the cut pieces of melon and the perfect showstopper centerpiece!

Although watermelon is gorgeous did you know that it is also full of nutrients? It is full of the lycopene, a phytonutrient which helps fight disease and to keep our bodies working properly. Lycopene also gives it its great red color, so the "redder" it is, the better for you it will be.  It is naturally low in calories: about 40-ish per cup. What’s not to love!

The recipe below is the most delish way to drink a watermelon, Enjoy!  Go to our Facebook page to see Joy and I show you how to pick a perfect watermelon. (Oh boy, wait till you see this!)

Watermelon Cooler

8 cups loosely packed seeded watermelon, chunks

¼ cup packed fresh mint leaves, optional

12 ounces sparkling water***

sugar, organic sugar optional

ice cubes

mint sprig, garnish

Whirl melon in blender in batches, adding mint leaves, if using, to one of the batches. Pour puree into large pitcher, stir in sparkling water,  and add organic sugar, if using, to taste (perfectly ripened melon should not require any). Chill at least one hour. Pour over ice in tall glasses and garnish with mint sprig.