It's cold - really cold: Soup!

Well our little furry friend saw his shadow and we all know that six more weeks of winter can’t be good!

We can try to make ourselves feel warm, satisfied and a bit more comforted with ... soup.Yes, soup! It’s easy to make, inexpensive, and goes a long way when feeding a family and leftovers can be frozen for another time.

Every once in a while it is a good idea to clean out the fridge or the freezer and and make a great big pot of soup. And what a better time to do so than on a snow day. I had so many “end-of-the-bag” frozen veggies and some fresh ones, too, hiding in the back of my freezer and refrigerator.  It would be a sin to throw them away so I decided to throw them into a pot! I even had a small dish of leftover spinach with oil, garlic and cannellini beans that I made the night before. In the pot that went too!

It was the best soup. With a sprinkle of fresh parmesan and some crusty bread ... the family loved it and I cleaned the freezer and the fridge and nothing went to waste!!! Enjoy!

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Dump Soup

3 tablespoons of olive oil

1 large onion, finely chopped

2 or 3 garlic cloves , finely sliced

fresh or frozen veggies, peas, corn, carrots — anything!

1 or 2 cans of beans, drained, rinsed, any kind you like

broth — whatever you have — can, carton or bouillon enough to cover all veggies, and more

parmesan cheese, garnish

small pasta (if you like)

Fry oil and garlic in the olive oil for 3-4 minutes, add all veggies and beans. Add all of your broth and let it simmer. Simmer soup for 20 minutes and season with salt and pepper. Taste, re-season. Garnish with parmesan cheese and serve this crusty bread or a salad! Done!