A cool treat for summer

With the heat wave zapping every bit of our energy and definitely my concentration, Joy still insists on planning a family dinner and eating outside! Is she nuts? I am not going this time unless we eat inside and her air conditioner is blasting! She likes this hot weather but I don’t!

Of course I will go and sit there sweating and melting, but it will be worth it. The dessert we have planned will be well worth waiting for. For me, the dessert is the best part of the meal.

If you follow Joy and me on Facebook @TwinsJudyandJoy or Instagram, Twins_JudyandJoy, you can see all the mouthwatering desserts we enjoyed as we traveled through the country recently. We love to make everything we had on our travels and put our own spin on it!

The recipe we have chosen for this week is simple and takes just a few minutes to prepare, so your time in a hot kitchen is very little. We need a cool refreshing “somethin’ somethin’” to eat! Ice cream is usually prepared with a base of dairy, sugar and egg yolks that’s then churned with the help of an ice cream machine.

The beauty here is in the simplicity of whipping up a healthy frozen dessert with a few simple ingredients. Countless variations can also be created, simply by adding anything you’d like — things like cocoa powder, vanilla, fresh mint, Nutella or any kind of fruit. Get creative and add whatever your family enjoys. Stay cool!

Banana Ice Cream

with Caramelized Bananas

2 bananas, sliced

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 tablespoons almond butter (can use any nut butter)

1 banana, in the skin, sliced lengthwise

1 tablespoon cocoa powder, optional

1 tablespoon rum, optional

roasted nuts of choice, optional

For the ice cream, blend first three ingredients in Nutri Bullet, blender or cuisinart. Add cocoa powder, rum and/or roasted nuts as desired. Freeze overnight until firm.

For the caramelized or grilled banana, leave skin on. Cut lengthwise and grill cut side down. If doing indoors, in a fry pan, spray with cooking spray and place banana cut side down, fry until golden.