Walsh’s Wonderings — Knives on roadsides

There’s a disturbing trend on the streets these days that is as dangerous as it is unnecessary. No, I’m not referring to Drake’s “In My Feelings” Challenge (age check, everyone). The fad I find most disturbing concerns the razor-sharp curbs that local towns are installing on the sides of our roads. It’s as if someone in Town Hall decided, “We … read more

Letter — Where is the promised civility?

A year ago, First Selectman Tesoro campaigned on a platform of transparency and civility.  Over the course of the last fourteen months, there has been anything but transparency and civility.  Immediately she sought repeal of two ordinances, one that prevented pension double dipping and the second was conflicts of interest on the Police Commission.  After the Democratically controlled Town Council … read more

Letter — Partisanship, unprofessionalism on display at Town Council meeting

Editor’s Note – This letter was signed by Town Council Minority Leader Carl Massaro on behalf of the council’s Republicans. This month’s Town Council meeting was an example of the worst partisanship and unprofessional conduct yet displayed by members of the Tesoro administration. The First Selectman put forward a candidate for the Ethics commission whose professional background suits the commission. … read more

Letter — A disservice to our town

On Monday night, we witnessed a stunning display of partisan politics. Our Town Council had the opportunity to appoint an eminently qualified individual to the Ethics Commission, Professor Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox. Put simply, the Republicans put politics above the good of the town and did a disservice to our community and our constituents when they voted as a block against her … read more