Letter — Special education children aren’t ‘costly burdens’

To the editor: As part of his transition plan Governor Lamont, the Education Committee and the Planning & Development Committee have drafted numerous bills regarding school regionalization. Although language has been updated to remove the words “redistricting” and “consolidation” to “sharing” and “collaboration” the bill still imposes deadlines for data collection of all of our districts and does not specify … read more

Walsh’s Wonderings — Constructive madness

The Madness is upon us. The men’s and women’s NCAA tournaments, three-week bacchanals of basketball between the best teams in the nation, is referred to as “March Madness.” There’s something pure and simple in seeding teams in a single-elimination bracket to vie for the title of national champion. It makes one think there must be ways we could use this … read more

Letter — When is enough, enough?

There is plenty not to like about Moorefield Farms Development LLCs proposed development of an Age Restricted Housing Zone at 2157 Huntington Turnpike in Nichols. Completely out of step with the historical neighborhood, existing regulations, and Trumbull’s plan of conservation, this type of extreme land use pushes our zoning regulations beyond their limits. It’s time we said “enough”. The proposal … read more

Walsh’s Wonderings — New rules for talking

I’m all for free and open communication, and goodness knows we could use more of that in the legislative buildings of Hartford and D.C. these days. However, there’s a reason for the old adage, “Silence is golden.” There are times and places where talking isn’t a good thing. For instance, anything said through a closed bathroom door probably shouldn’t be … read more