Letter — Student leaders back Tesoro, pledge positive campaign

To the Editor: In this year’s municipal elections, much is at stake. As students with our eyes set on the future, the issues that animate this election are especially pressing. In November, we will choose leaders who will grapple with a changing economy, shifting priorities, and a state confronting unprecedented financial challenges. Yet, amidst these challenges, there is great opportunity … read more

Letter — Council Democrats explain budget role

To the editor: It is the Town Council’s job to pass a balanced budget that prioritizes education and public safety, as well as supports our seniors, parks, and town-wide services — all while keeping an eye toward the financial impact on taxpayers. The budget process begins with the school building administrators and staff, who meet with the superintendent to discuss … read more

Letter — Say ‘no’ to overdevelopment

It’s time we had responsible, controlled development that truly enhances the character of our community and doesn’t deplete the peacefulness of our neighborhoods. This doesn’t work, in my opinion, when zoning applications come forward for office or other buildings in areas known as somewhat historical gateways to Trumbull, such as the most recent application before the planning and zoning commission. … read more

Letter — Town comes together to protect youths

To the editor: On Monday, the Trumbull Town Council passed an ordinance to raise the minimum age for the sale of tobacco products to 21. Resolution TC 27-163 was passed in an almost unanimous (less one abstention), and most importantly, bipartisan fashion. This legislation is a testament to what we can do in Trumbull when we put the interests of … read more