Letter — Student leaders back Tesoro, pledge positive campaign

To the Editor: In this year’s municipal elections, much is at stake. As students with our eyes set on the future, the issues that animate this election are especially pressing. In November, we will choose leaders who will grapple with a changing economy, shifting priorities, and a state confronting unprecedented financial challenges. Yet, amidst these challenges, there is great opportunity … read more

Letter — Council Democrats explain budget role

To the editor: It is the Town Council’s job to pass a balanced budget that prioritizes education and public safety, as well as supports our seniors, parks, and town-wide services — all while keeping an eye toward the financial impact on taxpayers. The budget process begins with the school building administrators and staff, who meet with the superintendent to discuss … read more

Letter — National Nurses Week — Recognizing the nurses who serve our community

To the Editor: St. Vincent’s Medical Center is celebrating National Nurses Week, May 6-12, by honoring and recognizing the nearly 700 registered nurses who serve throughout our sites of care. Nurses are part of an esteemed profession that is four million strong across the U.S. From the excitement of the delivery room, to the heart-breaking end of life – and … read more