Letter — When is enough, enough?

There is plenty not to like about Moorefield Farms Development LLCs proposed development of an Age Restricted Housing Zone at 2157 Huntington Turnpike in Nichols. Completely out of step with the historical neighborhood, existing regulations, and Trumbull’s plan of conservation, this type of extreme land use pushes our zoning regulations beyond their limits. It’s time we said “enough”. The proposal … read more

Walsh’s Wonderings — New rules for talking

I’m all for free and open communication, and goodness knows we could use more of that in the legislative buildings of Hartford and D.C. these days. However, there’s a reason for the old adage, “Silence is golden.” There are times and places where talking isn’t a good thing. For instance, anything said through a closed bathroom door probably shouldn’t be … read more

Tesoro — Budget must be based on fact, not hope

Snow falls on Town Hall. — Kate Czaplinski photo

To the Editor: Education is critical to Trumbull. I, and others, came to Trumbull based on the excellent reputation of our public schools. I began with no children in the system, then one, then two, then one and finally back to none. Throughout that time, I and others fought for smaller class sizes, instructional chairs, good pay for teachers, and … read more

Letter — First selectman has serious chutzpah

To the Editor: Fifteen months ago, when I left office, I left a hand-written note to my successor wishing her well and letting her know that her success would be Trumbull’s success. Since then I have refrained from offering my opinions because as someone who has held the office, I know there is an overabundance of critics. That silence ended … read more