2014 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 — Astonishingly good car

For years now, Hyundai has been building cars that elicit an almost unanimous response from critics and car aficionados: It’s better than I expected, but it’s still a Hyundai, which means it’s emphatically not a BMW, Audi or Lexus. The time is fast approaching when such thoughts will have to be set aside, so that South Korea’s automotive offerings can … read more

The Blue Room tells a compelling story in a short time

Stéphanie Cléau (left) and Mathieu Amalric in a scene from “The Blue Room.“

Films don’t have to be lengthy to feel complete. When a director chooses how to tell a story, he or she sets a pace for the narrative. While some movies let sloppy rhythm add unnecessary minutes to the running time, others remain focused to stay tight. Few in recent memory get the job done with as much time to spare … read more

Work vs. personal email: setting boundaries

Email etiquette: setting boundaries.

Q. What can I say to a business friend who knows both my work and my home email but sends every communication, including jokes, chain letters and recipes, to my work email? A. You can say, “Fran, I love your emails but when they aren’t about work-related matters, can you please send them to my personal email? I need to … read more