New Canaan actress stars in Off-Broadway play

For many in New Canaan, Anna Holbrook is known as a great mom, an inspired teacher and good friend to those in the community. But the longtime resident is also an accomplished Emmy-winning actress, having found success on the soap opera Another World, guest starring on TV shows such as Blue Bloods, The West Wing and Law & Order and … read more

A Question of Etiquette: Germs vs. politeness

I was introduced to someone who had just sneezed into his hand. He immediately stuck out that hand for a handshake. Gak. I pretended I didn’t see it and just greeted him politely. Was that okay? Well, no. It really is rude to ignore a handshake, so shake you should have, but then it would be fine to excuse yourself … read more

A Question of Etiquette: So, what are good manners?

  I’m 13 and fed up because my parents are always nagging me about manners. They said it was up to me to learn what that means since they’ve “tried to teach me and I’ve ignored them.” So what does this mean?   Well, attitude has a lot to do with good manners. For example, instead of demanding here, “So … read more