Young Trumbull entrepreneur heading to Chicago for contest

Hurco Machine Company put out the first ever Chipmaker Challenge Championship to all manufacturing entrepreneurs in an effort to promote manufacturing efforts in the United States. Wade Moore, a 23-year-old Trumbull native, won the first round of the contest.

The prize is a CNC Hurco Mill or Lathe which will be awarded on Sept. 9, in Chicago at the International Machine Tool Show known as IMTS. Wade, one of seven finalists, will compete at the show in an event loosely styled after the show Shark Tank.

Wade who recently graduated from UCONN with a mechanical engineering degree, comes from a great lineage of manufacturing entrepreneurs. His great grandfather founded Moore Special Tool Company in Bridgeport in 1924. His grandfather, Wayne Moore 83 also a Trumbull resident, wrote the book Foundations of Mechanical Accuracy, which is treasured in the manufacturing world.

“I am so fortunate to have people passionate about manufacturing in my family. I know how important it is for our national security and economy to keep manufacturing strong in America. I am proud to be a finalist in the Hurco Chipmaker Challenge because I get to inspire others to embark in manufacturing enterprises.”

Wade recently won a patent with another friend for a skateboard splash guard invention. “My first plastic prototype was manufactured with the 3D printer at the Fairchild Library in Nichols. Connecticut is also trying hard to keep the manufacturing edge in Connecticut as community colleges like Housatonic have invested in machinery and programs like the Manufacturing Certificate. Wade’s brother Hayes, 17, is a teaching intern at the school after receiving his certificate and working on an advanced degree as a Manufacturing Engineer.

Wade employs his three brothers in his business. Hayes is strong with his chipmaking skills and his computer aided design abilities. Wade is awaiting his brother Russell,20, who will be finishing his army service in a year and a half. His youngest brother, Colton, 14, is at the Fairchild Wheeler School in Bridgeport in the Aerospace program. “Colton is a skilled mechanic who rebuilds dirtbikes and quads, and he is currently working on building a hydrogen internal combustion car which will run on water.”

Wade is looking forward to winning the Hurco mill which will be a great step up in his business of contract machining and developing his own products. “I am appreciative of Hurco for being so kind and generous in helping the budding entrepreneurs in America.”