Volunteer group spruces up the Trumbull Nature & Arts Center

A group of volunteers from the Facebook group Keep Trumbull Real (KTR), joined Nature Commission and TNAC 501(c)3 board members, in the painting of the Trumbull Nature & Arts Center (TNAC) art room, nature room, and hallways recently. KTR volunteers donated their expertise, supplies and painting skills, while some brought the workers some snacks.

The fresh coat of cheery, but muted colors does much to brighten the building interior. Future efforts will concentrate on further cosmetic improvements and the installation of educational materials.

This was the first community service day for the KTR group, and more volunteer projects are being planned.

The Patrons of the Trumbull Nature and Arts Center would like to extend a big thank you to the volunteers of KTR, whose support is greatly appreciated.