Trumbull residents launch youth ballet school

Two brothers, one passion — teaching ballet to the area’s youth. Adam Holms and Christopher Holms, both Fairfield natives who now live in Trumbull, hope to give the gift of ballet and artistic education at the newly launched Norwalk Metropolitan Youth Ballet (NMYB).

The Holmses say they want to give back to the community and teach the next generation of dancers all about what ballet encompasses. NMYB has designed a curriculum that respects the traditions and canons of classical dance, and its goal is to provide a technically comprehensive and artistically meaningful dance education.

“Christopher has been a Norwalk police officer since 1997 and feels a very strong connection to the people of the city,” said Christopher’s wife, Christina, who serves as the artistic coordinator at the school. “Norwalk is alive with culture and the arts and NMYB is a perfect fit.”

The Holmses, who are self-funding the school, hope to raise money toward scholarships and building their home studio.

The classes at the school are for age 5 and older.

“Our classes are leveled for the children which will bring them from primary to advanced ballet, including pointe classes,” said Christina.

While both Adam and Christopher’s career paths have been different, they share the bond of bringing the world of ballet and artistic inspiration to Norwalk and beyond.

About Adam

Adam’s career in ballet spans nearly two decades as a dancer, performer and teacher. Adam has taught ballet in his home state for nearly a decade. His experience includes being one of the lead ballet instructors for American Ballet Theatre’s Outreach Department, and he worked with Ecuadorian colleagues to create Arts in Action, an arts education outreach program serving the greater Guayaquil region of Ecuador.

Adam attended New York University’s Steinhardt School of Education, in conjunction with American Ballet Theatre, to complete his master’s degree in ballet pedagogy and teaching dance for the professions.

About Christopher

Christopher, a career police officer in Norwalk, serves as executive director of the Norwalk Metropolitan Youth Ballet. He said his belief in the transformative study and discipline involved in the fine arts, his sense of justice and his desire to serve his community helped inform his decision to co-found NMYB.

Christopher molded his own idea of what it means to serve his community by enlisting in the U.S. Air Force. He served as a military working dog handler and law enforcement specialist for four years.

After his honorable discharge, he began working as a patrol officer for the ity of Norwalk and has served the city since 1997.

In teaching DARE to the students of the Norwalk public schools, Christopher has learned firsthand that one of the most important aspects of teaching is the ability to connect with students. He said he realized that when the connection is engaging, the students and audience members become open to the creative process that often inspires greatness.

Christopher’s wife, Christina, has had a career as a professional opera singer and voice teacher and she will be teaching at the school.

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