Trumbull property transfers

The following property transfers are copyrighted material previously published in the Commercial Record, a weekly trade paper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group,

39 Beardsley Pkwy, Henry and Heidi Jacobi to Caroline and Winfield Davis, $349,000.

3 Elmwood Ave, James and Ellen Mcvicar to Madelyn and Robert Rendon, $245,000.

34 Hillcrest Rd, Kaminski Real Estate LLC to Robert Beaudry, $255,000.

16 Lakewood Dr, Anthony Buzzanca to Alejandra and Patrick Chavero, $288,000.

5211 Madison Ave, James and Sara Garcia to Ahmed and Maria Mazid, $410,000.

7 Mitchell Rd, Krista and Stefano Santilli to Janene and David Hawkins, $425,000.

56 Oldfield Rd, Thomas and Tina Touri to Anthony Khamvonga and Elizabeth Saska, $533,000.

105 Paugusett Cir Unit 105, Andrew and Jennifer Johnston to Teresa Sciafani, $275,000.

10 Quartz Ln, Michael and Linda Gasper to Henry Jacobi, $582,450.

60 Rocky Hill Rd, Clinkscales Margaret Est and Keith Clinkscales to Jason and Jason Longobardo, $315,000.

49 Wilson Ave, Perri Lopinto to Monica and Randy Bailey, $138,000.

17 Woodlawn Dr, 181 Grove Street Props to George Martins, $560,000.

N/a, Gina Domizio to Michael and Michele Papa, $140,000.