Trumbull property transfers

The following property transfers are copyrighted material previously published in the Commercial Record, a weekly trade paper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group,

36 Doe Hollow Dr, Joseph Meli Jr and Marlene Meli to Ian Lander, $587,500.

22 Lull Water Rd, Joanne Savo to Danielle Ancona, $305,000.

5 Meadow Wood Rd, Loreto Mallone to Madalena and Rogerio Atilho, $330,000.

78 Old Dike Rd, 642 Booth Hill LLC to Pinewood Lake Constr LLC, $200,000.

16 Old Sawmill Rd, Ann Ayles to John and Mary Johnson, $188,500.

2326 Old Town Rd, SPAZ Property LLC to Charles and Michele Mace, $130,520.

27 Powder Mill Ln, Lois Sivahop Est and Nancy Colasanto to Benjamin and Judith Parry, $455,000.

30 Roseview Ct, Christopher and Faith Aronson to Kevin Basham and Barbara Russo, $752,000.

64 Salem Rd, Harold Tara Jr and Annette Tara to Michael and Dana Dombrowski, $600,000.

73 Sherman Ave, Bank Of America NA to Michael Melisi, $212,000.

95 Williams Rd, Patricia Felner Bragano to Trong and Linda Nguyen, $450,000.

5 Woodcrest Ave, Mary Birarelli to Jessica Fernandez and Christine Tossini, $349,000.