Trumbull property transfers

The following property transfers are copyrighted material previously published in the Commercial Record, a weekly trade paper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group,

173 Palomino Pass Unit 173, Sridhar Asvathanarayanan and Vjaya Sridhar to R&R Apartments LLC, $427,500.

5 Rainbow Dr, Mazzone FT and Lisa Lilly to Joann and Anthony Dipanni, $342,500.

25 Smith Pl, Giovanni Iemolo to Martha Rodriguez, $303,500.

265 Stonehouse Rd, Peter and Ashley Zantop to Nicole Heineken, $400,000.

23 Twitchgrass Rd, 23 Twitch Grass Rd LLC to Katherine and Peter Dimoulas, $350,000.

15 Winter Green Ln, James and Jeannette Davidson to Tuvana Rua, $547,500.

1003 Woodland Hills Dr Unit 1003, Sylvia and Emmanuel Chang to Uday and Sonali Birjie, $337,500.

46 Yorktown Cir, Richard Leventhal to Melissa Chamberlin and Lorraine Kucich, $381,750.

N/a, David Wisniewski to Joe and Luis Vaz, $110,000.

26 Bull Frog Ln, Robert and Suzi Eckert to Louis and Tami Salzano, $595,000.

82 Canoe Brook Rd, Reddy Janet Est and Susan Mucherino to Michael and Erin Davidow, $360,000.

22 Elaine St, Hanlon James Est and James Hanlon to Swapan and Nivedita Sarkar, $365,000.

30 Manor Dr, Paula Brainsky to Ernesto Medina, $342,000.

36 Melrose Ave, Karin and Joseph Vota to Ian and Alison Nicholson, $429,000.

61 Old Sawmill Rd, Kim Stanziale to Joseph Turek, $232,000.

121 Pinewood Trl, Lee Forest to Matthe and Andrea Wilber, $550,000.

25 Rexview Cir, Anna and Anna Iacurci to Ewqa Czytowska and Augusto Milla, $327,500.

6 Tashua Ln, Tae and Elizabeth Kim to Kumuthini Partheepan and Rajasooriyar Patheepan, $640,000.

42 Topaz Ln, Paul and Sharon Hiznay to Stephanie and Chadwick Helminger, $936,000.

53 Wisteria Dr, Terrence and Laurie Murphy to National Transfer Svcs, $348,000.

60 Wood Ave, Avery and Laura Gray to Theresa and Mark Miyashita, $490,000.

N/a, National Transfer Svcs to Jacqueline and Stephen Santacroce, $348,000.

30 Academy Rd, Edward and Janet Turbert to Leilani Kastantin and Kevin Mcdonald, $400,000.

64 Aspen Ln, Kenenth and Elaine Burden to National Res Nominee Svcs, $762,500.

64 Aspen Ln, National Res Nominee Svcs to Ashley and Matthew Frishinger, $762,500.

131 Aspen Ln, Justin Krebs to Jack and Jenah Yeung, $1,020,000.

447 Church Hill Rd, Daniel Domeracki to Steven Casini, $249,900.

9 Cook Cir, Jack Yeung to Kaitly and Michael Picheco, $615,000.

54 Cricket Ln, Shirley Dominguez to Michael Warden, $350,000.

Endeavor St, Michelle Lubrano to James Teixeira, $45,000.

5 Endeavor St Lot 5, Loretta Russo to James Teixeira, $85,000.

5 Flint St, Claire Herer to Deanna and Ralph Reda, $360,000.

22 Gaylord Rd, Shannon and Gloria Slevin to Vito Properties LLC, $307,000.

17 Green Acres Ln, US Bank NA to Go Kelly Realty Consult and Edward Stock, $350,101.

57 Hickory St, Edouard and Zelda Israel to Giuliano Cenatiempo and Gabriela Genatiempo, $295,000.

6 Hill Cir, John and Patricia Brennan to Urszul and Andrew Wandzel, $557,500.

36 Kingsbury Dr, Domingo and Fran Medina to Jennifer and Robert Williamson, $775,000.

32 Kitcher Ct, Kristian Tanacea to Kyoung and Moonyoung Lee, $450,000.

45 Lynwood Dr, Dorothy Johnson to Carrie Carlucci and Salvatore Longo, $410,000.

9 Maple Ridge Rd, Steven and Beverly Fein to Amr Mostafa, $480,000.

45 Mount Pleasant Dr, Nancy Farasciano and Suntrust Mortgage to Suntrust Mortgage, $1.

47 Normandy Rd, Rosaria Briganti to Jennifer and Cassie Hartman, $397,500.

19 Norwood Ter, Paul Mozzi to Alison Walkley and Justin Simmel, $345,000.

137 Old Dike Rd, Bernard Klem to Laurence Klem, $265,000.

92 Old Hollow Rd, Arline Karp to John Gramesty, $440,000.

27 Poplar St, FNMA to Brooke Lillie and Bernard Madden, $284,900.

24 Rennison Rd, John Heher to Thomas Stroud, $427,500.

80 Twitchgrass Rd, US Bank NA to Thomas Slate LLC, $180,000.

297 White Plains Rd, Mary Falcone to Kathleen Bordelon, $310,000.