Trumbull property transfers

The following property transfers are copyrighted material previously published in the Commercial Record, a weekly trade paper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group,

26 Cottage Pl, FNMA to Beata Ocenicka, $267,000.

14 Fairview Ave, Paul and Erica Barron to Katherine Bakes, $570,000.

22 George St, Bourassa Dorothy Est and Susan Beauchesne to Kimberly Reilly and Gregory Siemon, $255,000.

28 Kingston Rd, Glenn Harris to Christine Biro, $28,000.

58 Lynwood Dr, Daniel Gates to Susan Murphy, $339,000.

3010 Nichols Ave, Marilyn Randall to Sahir Nawaz, $250,000.

103 Old Dike Rd, Helen Carlson to Kelly Elliott, $325,000.

121 Pinewood Trl, Scott Mellinger to Lee Forest, $445,000.

21 Rangely Dr, Laurie Tomboulides to Rinaldo Delcegno, $210,000.

15 Red Fox Ln, Carmen Loffredo to Lance Mcconomy, $520,000.

56 Aspen Ln, Maureen Digennaro to Dennis Rotunno, $250,000.

15 Butternut Ln, Anthony Christy to Marc and Rana Hillinski, $485,000.

63 Flint St, FNMA to De Feng, $315,000.

53 Gisella Rd, Jack Gredinger to Suzanne Lewis, $400,000.

38 Meadow Rd, Charles and Elizabeth Feyk to Jessica Lima, $325,000.

155 Middlebrooks Ave, Scott and Eileen Green to Brayan Murillo, $355,000.

11 Whalley Rd, Richard Duban to Modern Edge Property Dev, $240,000.

804 Woodland Hills Dr Unit 804, Maria Diaz to Manjula Sharma, $335,000.

39 Woodridge Cir, Jesus Ramos to Anthony and Allison Vallance, $359,000.

1 Allen Dr, Scott Smith to Craig Yiongsmith, $80,000.

1 Allen Dr, Stephanie Campbell to Craig Yiongsmith, $80,000.

15 Arbutus Ln, Chris Barone to Peter Mazziotti, $557,500.

344 Booth Hill Rd, Gail Hunt to Jaime Hoefer, $389,900.

8 Channing Rd, Mecia Camara to Indira Permalla, $389,500.

9 Country Ln, Pawel Skudlarski to Mhd Lpizra, $474,000.

2140 Reservoir Ave, Joann Verespej to Agha Nomani, $275,000.