Trumbull legislators tackle questions from Fairfield County businesses

At the annual Connecticut Business and Industry Association’s “Business Day” at the State Capitol, State Reps Laura Devlin (R-134) and David Rutigliano (R-123) offered a common sense message to small business owners and manufacturers, asking them to hold lawmakers accountable for the actions they take and proposals they advocate for at the Capitol.

Both Devlin and Rutigliano participated in a panel discussion with other Fairfield County legislators and members of the Fairfield county business community, where business owners raised questions about the future of Connecticut’s economy and the steps the legislature will take to stimulate growth for small businesses.  

As they fielded questions about current proposals at the Capitol, most lawmakers talked about how the pro-business initiatives had been outpaced by anti-business proposals pushed in other legislative committees.

Rutigliano urged the panel’s audience to become even more active in the legislative process — urging those in the room, as well as their employees, to hold elected officials accountable for the votes they make.  

“We fight bad business legislation every day at the State Capitol. These dreadful proposals will in the end ultimately depress and hurt the wages of our Connecticut’s workforce and must be stopped,” said Rep. Rutigliano.

“Elected officials are famous for saying one thing in their districts, then coming here and doing something completely different,” Devlin said. “The legislature, as a whole, needs to have a message sent to it. Leave small business alone.”