The Center unveils new campaign, Reveal to Heal

The Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling and Education (The Center) will be presenting a new awareness campaign, Reveal to Heal, on Wednesday, Jan. 24, at 8 a.m., at The Center, 733 Summer Street, Suite 503, Stamford.

Created in conjunction with Photographer Veleska Martin and local artists, the photographic campaign is designed to raise community awareness of the harm inflicted by sexual violence, while also raising the profile of The Center and the services they provide to survivors of sexual assault and abuse.

The Center has invited the mayors and first selectmen, state legislators, and U.S. Representatives  to support our efforts and address at the highest levels, the crisis of sexual violence.

A series of photographs featuring modestly undressed people with messages written on their bodies, Reveal to Heal calls attention to the battles survivors often face in getting people to believe them, and the many discouraging messages they receive when they do disclose assault or abuse. The symbolic disrobing in the photographs reveals the emotional scars of sexual violence that may never leave the survivor; those wounds are literally “written” on the body.

The hope in the campaign is that in revealing the pain, the work of healing can begin. The year-long campaign images will be widely distributed throughout Lower Fairfield County, and will be accompanied by a hashtag campaign on social media sites.