Rotary supports Habitat for Heroes

At the ceremony to turn over the keys to Staff Sgt. Juliet Taylor, Trumbull Rotary announced another fund-raising challenge for the Habitat for Heroes of Habitat for Humanity CFC. Wanting to continue as a Founding Sponsor of the program, Trumbull Rotary announced a dollar for dollar matching grant from Nov. 11 until Feb. 14, for up to $15,000 for the second veterans build in Conn., the Lao family.

Airman Lisa Lao, her husband Joel, and the eight minor children of their 11 in this blended family, are currently living in a three-bedroom apartment after being turned away from every other housing organization. Trumbull Rotary and Habitat for Heroes are partnering to build the largest-ever Habitat CFC house for this Air Force Veteran and her family.

“Last year, Trumbull Rotary’s Challenge to raise the initial funds to excavate got the momentum going to fully fund our first Habitat for Heroes Veterans Build,” said Eileen Bakos of Habitat CFC. “We’re excited that this dynamic group is going to partner with us again for an equally successful build in 2014.”

Trumbull Rotary’s President, Holly Sutton-Darr stated, “Our club was so committed and enthusiastic about the first home that we participated in building for Habitat for Heroes. In the process of building the home, we became so inspired by Staff Sgt. Taylor’s heroic story, as well as Habitat’s operation, that we all agreed we wanted to do this again for another deserving person who has served our county. It’s a very rewarding way for us to serve.

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