Regional Science Bowl team

On Feb. 28, Madison Middle School’s first academic Science Bowl team went to the University of Connecticut. After Emily Ruben, Srishti Pithadia, Michelle Seagull, Aidan Smith and Seth Zweig prepared for only a couple of months to compete against 22 middle schools in a regional science bowl, the students were able to make it far into the competition, claiming for themselves the place Wild Card 4.

With help from this year’s coaches, science teachers, Mrs. Paklaian and Ms. Ardito, these students were able to compete in the regional competition. The Regional Science Bowl is a middle and high school-based competition for grades 6-12. Each competing team from a school can consist of four to five students, who will be asked difficult questions pertaining to all the areas of science or math. Pictured are front row: Mrs. Paklaian, Srishti Pithadia , Aiden Smith, Michelle Seagull; back row: Seth Zweig, Emily Ruben, Ms. Ardito.