Recycle old car seats

Between April 17 and 30, residents can recycle used car seats. In celebration of Earth Month, 1,700 Target stores nationwide and across Connecticut, including both locations in Trumbull, are hosting a car seat collection program to help residents reduce household clutter without sending waste to landfills. All car seats collected through this program will be recycled through TerraCycle so that each component will see a second life. Terracycle is a New Jersey-based company that produces consumer goods with recycled materials.

Residents should bring their car seats to their participating Target store and look for Target’s car seat collection box in the front of the store or in the baby/kids floor pad section. When a customer turns in a used car seat, he or she will receive a coupon for 20% off the purchase of a new one.

After the recycling program ends, TerraCycle will separate the different components of the car seats (cloth elements, plastics, metals, etc.) and process them for use in other products.