RElove Trumbull, get a Passport

Maybe you’ve already been handed one at the Arts Festival ... or maybe you picked up yours at the library. The small booklets, called Passports, are part of Trumbull Community Women’s campaign to help us all RElove Trumbull, REdiscover our town.

Many of us are so busy that we go about our day and don’t have time to stop and appreciate all our town has to offer. That is why the volunteer women’s group decided to launch their RElove campaign. It’s purpose is to treat our hometown as we would a vacation spot and sightsee, noticing the many small things that make Trumbull the town that consistently lands on “Best of” lists.

Town Hall Green was the subject of the first Passport, and future Passports are planned to tell us more about our parks and our veterans memorials.

To find out more about Trumbull Community Women and its many programs and activities, visit