Property Transfers

The following property transfers are copyrighted material previously published in the Commercial Record, a weekly trade paper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group,

79 Bassick Rd, Augstus Aquino to Krzysztof Ciszewski, $205,000.

7 Green St, Albert Watcke to Christopher Damio, $245,000.

306 Hadley Dr Unit 306, Jan Lehman to Jan Lehman, $435,000.

21 Pioneer Trl, Gus Hatzis to Rochelle Stoni, $440,000.

16 White Birch Dr, Stephen Stoni to Wlodzimierz Rusek, $360,000.

20 Briarcroft Ave, Veronica Tiedemann to Karen Anderson, $368,000.

24 Cobblers Hill Rd, Mark Becker to Deborah Yedlin, $354,000.

143 Governor Trumbull Way Unit 143, Karen Hammel to Helen Rogalewski, $275,000.

2100 Huntington Tpke, Theresa Panettiere to Lindsay Varela, $265,000.

2610 Reservoir Ave, Peter Gagyi to Daniel Levin, $282,500.

36 Ruth St, Miguel Cotto to Kristi Massey, $474,900.

52 Sherman Ave, Deborah Costantini to Joanne Wallak, $380,000.

70 Stonehouse Rd, PWR Props Inc to Anna Solowiey, $310,500.

115 Technology Dr, Triple Crown RE Inc to Kurilec Holdings LLC, $325,000.

115 Technology Dr, Technology Drive Exchange to 5 Good Eggs LLC, $1,271,600.