Property Transfers

The following property transfers are copyrighted material previously published in the Commercial Record, a weekly trade paper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group,

12 Cottage Pl, Nancy Symski to 12 Cottage Pl LLC, $1,525,000.

27 Coventry Ln, Jeffrey Lakin to Paul Conant, $527,000.

20 Quaker Ln, Joan Dosky to Ines Crespo, $390,000.

78 Randall Dr, Vincent Lombardo to Keith Daigle, $399,900.

273 Beacon Hill Rd, Rosemary Konecky to Matthew Russell, $311,000.

29 Cherry Blossom Ln, Harold Schneider to Rosemary Konecky, $355,000.

9 Copper Kettle Rd, Jeffrey Williams to Michael Travisano, $680,000.

1174 Daniels Farm Rd, Dennis Rotunno to Aneta Tesluk, $585,000.

20 Evergreen Ln, Craigs Mones to Michael Gaudio, $352,500.

31 Lansing Ave, Susan Nestor to Henry Nguyen, $198,000.

5036 Main St, Marie Colacurcio to 5036 Main St LLC, $241,000.

700 Old Town Rd, Susanna Mazza to Steven Lang, $110,000.

25 Parkwood Rd, Gary Wilson to Felicia Polakos, $413,000.

30 Riverside Dr, Kondaur Capital Corp to Margaret Supple, $206,400.

2 Woodfield Dr, Sharon Weller to Stephen Romano, $253,000.

N/a, Daniel Pekera to Julia Pukulik, $275,300.