Property Transfers

The following property transfers are copyrighted material previously published in the Commercial Record, a weekly trade paper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group,

22 Argus Ln, Paul Fagan to Janet and Patrick Kane, $490,000.

12 Canoe Brook Rd, Maz and Jamie Habib to Andrew Yasgur, $40,000.

36 Cherry Blossom Ln, Edna Uhl to Agnes Hart, $348,000.

647 Fairchild Rd, Gregory Klingaman to Millbertini, $650,000.

76 Firehouse Rd, Thomas Presson to Julianne and Michael Skoczylas, $515,500.

168 Governor Trumbull Way Unit 168, Pauline Rozsa to Seonghye Son, $329,500.

59 Grove St, Fairfield County Props to Lucia Lacivita, $334,000.

15 Gwendolyn Dr, William Mccormack to Kristin Lucas, $285,000.

75 Limerick Rd, Sherry Uhl to John Maguire, $660,000.

5766 Main St, Andrew Salinger to Kirsten Walsh, $5,000.

14 Merrimac Dr, Edward Redamonti to Kurt Wiegand, $545,000.

64 Mount Pleasant Dr, Charles Gursky to Robert and Michelle Gerbert, $385,000.

11 Old Hollow Rd, Robert and Diane Widak to Gisela and Stanley Lamour, $476,000.

162 Putting Green Rd, Suresh Vattenad to Jonathan and Lindsay Walsh, $354,250.

26 Robinwood Rd, Alois and Alois Prihoda to Gillian Braun, $249,100.

10 Rocky Hill Rd, Richard Patton to Craig Capozziello, $77,500.

141 Roosevelt Dr, Christopher and Bridget Usher to Jason Smith, $510,000.

26 Sherman Ave, Lawrence and Erica Settembrini to Kelli Reardon, $457,900.

79 Sturbridge Ln, Marco Scaccia to Thomas and Kathrine Rizzetta, $470,000.

66 Under Cliff Rd, John Harmon to Erric and Lisa Moretti, $600,000.

74 W Lake Rd, Colin and Lorri Lea to Michele Kingsbury, $239,900.

204 Woodland Hills Dr Unit 204, Christopher Muller and Caitlin Mccarthy to Jennine Gleason, $300,000.