Property Transfers

The following property transfers are copyrighted material previously published in the Commercial Record, a weekly trade paper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group,

14 Arbutus Ln, Kam Wong to Ursula Demartino, $450,000.

26 Ash Cir Unit 26, Lora Calo to Leszek Dubiel and Bartosz Szergowicz, $205,000.

427 Church Hill Rd, Maino Valencia to Andrew Samalin, $275,500.

102 Colonial Village Cir Unit 102, Viade Dev LLC to Philip Damato, $370,000.

86 Crown St, Cathy Cofoni to Herbert Koehler, $315,000.

14 Echo Hill Rd, Janet Decker to Elizabeth Buonicore and Steven Terifay, $312,000.

32 Edinburg Ln, William and Josephine Elliot to Alicia Berntsen, $800,000.

37 Endeavor St, Antonio Ferreira and Delmiro Ramos to Danielle Bakota, $321,000.

5204 Madison Ave, Robert Whitehead Est and Arthur Laske to Monika Malz, $170,000.

5206 Madison Ave, Robert Whitehead Est and Arthur Laske to Scott and Veronica Henkel, $350,000.

195 Middlebrooks Ave, Iris Mordaunt Est and Shirley Legen to Andrew Kha, $308,900.

47 Old Sawmill Rd, Haims Family Rlty Co LLC to Stalin Baez, $324,000.

105 Paugusett Cir Unit 105, Randy Dorfman to Andrew and Jennifer Johnston, $272,000.

1 Pinewood Trl, Peter Wang to Peter Kircher, $250,000.

39 Raven Rd, Claudia Seung to Jon and Deborah Zmistowski, $286,000.

37 Robinwood Rd, John and Lynn Russell to Alice and Jonathan Bova, $505,000.

402 Woodland Hills Dr Unit 402, Tamara Peterson to Ramprasad Bagawadi, $305,000.