Property Transfers

The following property transfers are copyrighted material previously published in the Commercial Record, a weekly trade paper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group,

80 Calhoun Ave, Karen Glatt to Haley Mccarthy and Elizabeth Glatt, $256,000.

46 Colonial Dr, Ogallagher James Est and Lee A. Popoli to Melissa and Daniel Barbiero, $425,000.

43 Dalecot Dr, Dana Preis and Mark Hull to Kathryn and Jeffrey Benedetti, $341,500.

31 Driftwood Ln, Michael Cheney to Vincent and Justine Lasala, $487,300.

34 Elberta Ave, Jurji Petunovs to Nikol Vega, $310,000.

49 Gatehouse Rd, Luis Carrena and Elizabeth -Carrena to Wesley Carpenter, $560,000.

8 Gaylord Rd, Vincent Lasala to Christine Coppola, $347,500.

30 Golden Hill St, Irene Demkiw to Jennifer Alghuraibawi, $365,000.

45 Green Ridge Rd, David and Eileen Martini to Catherine and Robert Martini, $475,000.

1581 Huntington Tpke, Robert Martini to Jacquelyn Bertolini and Gary Chase, $439,000.

1681 Huntington Tpke, Kingsley Morgan to Jill Petrides, $125,000.

24 Lounsbury Rd, Mejken Deluca to Carlos and Mario Dias, $203,000.

5509 Main St, Kathleen Harper to Giuseooe and Angela Socci, $435,000.

60 Old Sawmill Rd, Matthew Donofrio to Ryan Lenihan, $286,000.

82 Plum Tree Ln, Forstrom Rhoda Est and Carolyn Forstrom to Robert Forstrom, $150,000.

2720 Reservoir Ave, Robert Dodson to Semil Desai and Hetal Shah, $280,500.

60 Roosevelt Dr, Charles Maxwell and Eloisa Correa to Joseph and Catherine Magee, $422,500.

449 Shelton Rd, Adelia Hawie to Zai Zhu, $215,000.

16 Surrey Ln, Peter and Rebecca Benyik to Kristin and Shea Gregg, $940,000.