Property Transfers

The following property transfers are copyrighted material previously published in the Commercial Record, a weekly trade paper. It is reprinted with permission from the publisher, The Warren Group,

70 Blackhouse Rd, USA HUD to George Chiodo and June Chido, $186,200.

19 Deerfield Dr, Brian Dresh to Laura Mccarthy, $420,000.

60 Frederick St, Geoffrey Gladstein to Lisa and Ronald Brown, $559,900.

95 Beardsley Pkwy, Todor and Stella Guitandjiev to Yuliya Psyurska and Roman Petryk, $290,000.

50 Blackhouse Rd, Alvin Zikaras and Anne Demuro to Haims Family Realty Co, $300,000.

15 Copper Kettle Rd, Mark and Donna Vogel to Keith and Samantha Klain, $559,900.

12 Firehouse Rd, Marcelo and Mirtha Delareza to Khoa and Kelly Nguyen, $520,000.

110 Flint St, Carolyn Corless to Pasquale Lungariello, $215,000.

37 Hampton Rd, Kav Development LLC to Joshua Rockwell, $39,000.

11 Hitching Post Ln, Mark and Mary Cerreta to Amy and Christopher Mason, $59,900.

15 Lakeview Ter, Caryn Mcallister to Daniel Locasto, $485,900.

26 Longview Rd, Elizabeth Steiner to David Molgard, $452,500.

6 Manor Dr, Roy Larsen to Richard Cuevas, $365,000.

2910 Nichols Ave, Daniel Gabriele to Ingrid Teixeira, $240,000.

18 Peters Rd, Philip Reardon to Fanny Moscoso and Lina Diaz, $320,000.

18 Regina St, Elizabeth Montanez to Antony Joseph, $380,000.

16 Topaz Ln, Kara Salvagno to Derek and Jessica Swanson, $755,000.

116 Twitchgrass Rd, Martin and Vilma Oconnor to Stephanie Medina, $300,000.