Nichols Garden Club meeting, seeks donations of variety of greens

The Nichols Garden Club will meet on Tuesday, Nov. 10, at 6:30 p.m., at the Nichols Improvement Association House located at 1773 Huntington Turnpike.

On the agenda will be a discussion of the preparations for the annual Holiday Boutique which will take place in December. New members will learn how to make the beautifully crafted wreaths, arrangements and the ever popular mail box covers that are sold each year during the boutique. As always, they will need donations of a variety of greens.

If you plan to remove evergreen trees such as Pines, Firs, Spruce, Arbovitae, false cypress etc. let them know so that they can collect the greens for use in the arrangements and mailbox covers.

For information about membership and the holiday boutique contact Rosann at 203-209-7732