New outsourcing law. How to maintain the health benefits for your collaborators?

What's next for companies after the reforms to the outsourcing law? How to maintain the various benefits for your teams? Here are some alternatives.

This August 1 comes into force the new regulatory framework on outsourcing. It prohibits the subcontracting of personnel and only that of specialized services and works that are not part of the corporate purpose, nor of the predominant economic activity to which the contractor is engaged, will be allowed.

Although this modification applies to all companies, it is SMEs that are under the most pressure because they do not always have the knowledge on how to internalize the functions that were traditionally handled by a third party, which represents a challenge for them.

The first thing that companies observe is that previously, when working through subcontracting, they could offer various benefits to their collaborators, such as medical insurance, thanks to the large number of personnel that outsoucing companies handled, explained Irma Herrera, commercial director of Grupo Innovazione .

In Mexico, says the insurance specialist, 1,279 million pesos in life insurance have been paid by companies and only one in three people has their own life insurance. "Companies allocate a budget to loans to pay for illnesses or accidents, but that expense is sometimes more expensive," he warns.

Custom solutions

What's next for companies after the reforms to the outsourcing law? Employers must now offer their workforce the benefits to be protected and feel safe, but they are faced with the dilemma of not being able to offer them at the same minimum cost.

Against this background, the insurance industry and especially Grupo Innovazione, have created comprehensive products that adapt to budgets, so that companies offer their employees the benefit of a Medical Assistance Plan, as part of their benefits.

“We have developed suitable products for each business: transport companies, cleaning, consulting services, a wide variety of services. It is a very complex reconfiguration for companies, but the acquisition of insurance will be on the rise and there is a great opportunity for companies to get the best benefit for employees ”, Herrera pointed out.

Grupo Innovazione, with more than 20 years of experience in the insurance market, designed plans ranging from 682 or 1,511 pesos, up to 2,960 pesos per year plus VAT, per employee, and according to the coverage requested. The 2,960 peso plan includes laboratory studies and medications at no cost.

These benefits for employees help create ties of loyalty and commitment to the company, as well as a greater sense of belonging, lower churn and stability, which is reflected in fewer loan applications.

The three Medical Assistance products offered by Grupo Innovazione offer benefits such as:

  • Arrangement of medical appointments with specialists without charge or with a copayment.
  • 24/7 telephone medical assistance.
  • Coverage nationwide in 347 cities.
  • Unlimited first contact consultations: General, Gynecological, Pediatrician and Internist, with or without copayment.
  • Discount for specialty consultations with preferential prices.
  • Ambulance at no cost for real emergencies.
  • Accidental death coverage.
  • Accident reimbursement.
  • Funeral assistance.

Remember that insurance is a product that provides economic security by protecting your health and assets. In the case of offering it to your collaborators, it will give you peace of mind and profitability for your business and it is also tax deductible.

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