Musto calls for action to improve safety of Route 111

This week state Sen. Anthony Musto (D-Trumbull) called for prompt action from the Commissioner James P. Redeker of the State Department of Transportation in response to growing concern with the safety of Route 111 in Trumbull and Monroe, above the Route 25 intersection.

Sen. Musto raised similar concerns when the commercial development near the Woodland Hills community was proposed alongside Route 111 several years ago. No changes were made at that time, and the current development has dramatically increased the issues for residents and others traveling that road, he said.

“The number of cars traveling rapidly along Route 111 has become a significant safety concern for pedestrians, cyclists, and other commuters,” said Sen. Musto. “It is very difficult to safely turn onto or off of the road from any of the adjacent residential areas, and pedestrians using the “rails to trails” crossing on this route are required to cross four lanes of fast-moving traffic. It is imperative that DOT make changes along Route 111 to decrease the danger before it turns into tragedy.”

A bipartisan group of elected officials and local advocates have raised concerns with the safety of Route 111 in recent weeks. Among them is Musto, who has requested traffic and safety study, equal and safe access points along the road, enhanced traffic control, and broadened safety measures for pedestrians and cyclists.