Long Hill Garden Club meeting features guest speaker on beekeeping

The Long Hill Garden Club will hold the first meeting of its 77th year on Monday, Sept. 25, at the Trumbull Library, 33 Quality St..

At 11 a.m., representatives from each of various committees will be available to share information about their activities for the coming year. Members and perspective members can learn how they can participate in our community service work.

The business meeting will begin at 11:30, followed by the Greet and Eat at noon.

Beginning at 12:45 p.m., Ned Farrell, owner of The Bee Happy Company, will present the program What’s the Buzz? Honey Bees and Hobby Beekeeping. Co-owner of The Bee Happy Company, Farrell specializes in the development and manufacture of luxurious skin care and healthy hive products. He is an expert in business generation, beekeeping, education and agroforestry. Using pictures and real apiary equipment, he will show the honeybee world. He will talk about what the honeybees do for us, the role of the beekeeper and how enjoyable it is to work with bees.

There is a $10 guest fee.