Long Hill Garden Club donates trees to elementary schools

The Long Hill Garden Club is dedicated to growing a generation of gardeners. In collaboration with the Trumbull School System, this is the third year of this project, planned by the Conservation Committee. The committee’s goals were to plant native trees in Trumbull to replace aging, diseased, and storm-damaged trees and those cleared for construction. Increasing environmental awareness and developing an interest in conservation was also a goal.

In Trumbull, first grade children currently adopt a tree and journal its seasonal growth. A proposal to plant a class tree on each of the elementary school campuses yearly was presented to the curriculum director and the science coordinator of the Trumbull Public Schools. Each principal chose a native tree from a list prepared by the Conservation Committee. Care was taken to choose an appropriate site, avoid flowering trees which attract bees, and avoid nut trees to which children might be allergic.

Four native Dogwood, a Sugar Maple and a Witch Hazel were chosen. A short ceremony took place at each school where members led children in a pledge to care for their tree, a poem about trees, and a song. Each first grader put a trowel full of soil into the hole to help “plant” the tree. Each also received a certificate acknowledging his or her help in planting the class tree. For a third year the members have touched the minds and hearts of another 440 children.