Long Hill Garden Club celebrates 75th anniversary

The Long Hill Garden Club (LHGC), began 75 years ago with a group of talented and dedicated people whose purpose was to encourage Victory Gardens. Initially, they used their funds to buy
items for several war relief groups as well as the Trumbull Air Warden. The Club’s purpose was to serve the area and enrich the lives of those who live here.

This year “Branching Out, Growing Generations” was the theme for the club to highlight the way club members, using their creativity and energy, have extended themselves to residents in various stages of life and assist diverse groups of people in ways that let members share their enthusiasm for horticulture, conservation of natural resources and civic beauty. Through various programs our members have educated others, shared kindness and encouragement and helped to beautify the local community.

LHGC purchased native trees for each of the six elementary schools and created a program that included a song, poem and pledge for the children to take in honor of their class trees. This program involved more than 2,000 students during its 5-year duration and sparked an interest and love of nature in these children.

At the Madison Middle School Courtyard Project, club members provide advice to students who are involved in an after school club as they work to restore and replant the main courtyard with native plants. Trumbull Early Childhood Education Center, a dedicated group leads 15 weeks of classes at the preschool in the Fall and Spring to introduce the children to gardening and the world of nature with hands-on, interactive and fun programs.

Topics ranged from gardening, animals, habitats, weather, life cycles, and outside observations as we follow their curriculum. Using garden related activities to aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of individuals with various challenges, a group of club members meets with Stern Village senior residents monthly to work on various activities. A Stern Village program will continue in conjunction with Agri-Science High School students and club volunteers who help clean up and mulch individual gardens in the senior housing complex. New this year, Random Acts of Kindness Bouquets were created and distributed throughout the area to spread cheer and brighten the day of 33 unsuspecting recipients.

First Selectmen Timothy Herbst proclaimed May 26, 2016 as Long Hill Garden Club Day. Jane Waugh, President of the Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut presented a Certificate of Merit from the National Garden Clubs, Inc.