Legislators visit Trumbull business that is world leader in its industry

State Rep. Dave Rutigliano, Rep. Laura Devlin, Rep. Ben McGorty and Rep JP Sredzinski toured Baron Technology, Inc. in Trumbull last Friday.

The company, owned by David C. Baron, is one of the largest engravers in the world of guitars, knives, glassware, arms, and fine jewelry. Baron said the company performs 60% of the world’s engraving in their industry.

The company offers a number of services including laser engraving, roll engraving, hand engraving, product etching, photo engraving, plating, and polishing. To save on costs and enhance productivity, Baron said the company builds most of its own machines, and can complete all of its products in-house.

Some of their current customers include The Boy Scouts of America, Gibson Guitars, and Harley Davidson.

“Most people have no idea that this company does such a high volume of work,” said Rep. Rutigliano. “Not only is this industry not dead, it’s thriving right here in Trumbull.”

“Visiting successful firms like Baron tells me that our system works for industrious and creative hard workers,” said Rep.

McGorty. “I'm proud that this company is here in our town creating a great product, and employing dozens of talented people,” he said.

The firm employs dozens of highly skilled manufacturers and artists. Some of the company's hand engravers were formerly employed by jewelers. Baron said although the material is different, for his engravers, the concept of creating high quality beautiful products in limited amounts is the same.

“What a great partner Baron Technology has been for the community,” Rep. Sredzinski said. “Baron employees are rooted in Monroe and Trumbull and the average employee stays there with Baron for twenty years.”

The company also sells a number of their products and donates proceeds to the U.S. Olympic Shooting Team. Baron said they have raised thousands of dollars for the team over the past few years, and that that the company now performs all of the engraving on the team's equipment.

“Trumbull businesses have advocates here at the State Capitol in Hartford. It's a win-win for the community. The more successful businesses we have, the more jobs we have for our workforce,” said Rep. Devlin.
Rep Rutigliano said Baron Tech deserves more credit for their success, and he hopes that by spreading the word about the company’s accomplishments, other business owners, and potential entrepreneurs may become inspired to increase their outreach and expand in their own industries.

Baron Tech. was founded over 30 years ago and began with four employees. They now have more than 50 employees in two locations.