Humanity Hates Trump launches new website

Humanity Hates Trump is back in the news Wednesday — this time to declare a new Kickstarter website.
Humanity Hates Trump is back in the news Wednesday — this time to declare a new Kickstarter website.

SCS Direct Inc., a consumer products company based in Trumbull, announced the launch of its new website

The site was developed in order for Humanity Hates Trump Kickstarter supporters to receive product they were promised but never received.

SCS Direct’s Humanity Hates Trump Kickstarter campaign was removed due to a complaint lodged by Cards Against Humanity, LLC with Kickstarter. The result: not only has SCS Direct lost revenue from its campaign, the company was also blocked from shipping product to its campaign supporters.

In a bold move to follow through with product fulfillment, SCS Direct is launching a new website today,, that allows backers to re-pledge the campaign and have their exclusive Kickstarter orders finally fulfilled.

“We need to remain loyal to our backers,” said Howard Greenspan, owner and President of SCS Direct, the creator of the Humanity Hates Trump Kickstarter campaign. “We will not let Cards Against Humanity’s claims- which we believe to be utterly false — inhibit us from fulfilling product that was promised to our supporters.”

SCS Direct previously commenced legal action against Cards Against Humanity, LLC, alleging various claims, including violation of Connecticut’s Unfair Trade Practices Act, and seeking, among other things, injunctive relief and punitive damages.

The controversy started in March due to the media buzz on the successful Humanity Hates Trump Kickstarter campaign. Cards Against Humanity reached out to SCS Direct Inc., requesting several changes be made to the product.  Howard Greenspan, owner and president of SCS Direct Inc., made the requested changes with one notable exception- black and white cards. There are over a dozen of unrelated card games which use black and white cards, many of which were released before and after Cards Against Humanity, such as We Didn’t Playtest This at All and Super Fight.  Despite the ongoing legal dispute, SCS Direct has continued production of the product. debuts today, making exclusive Kickstarter packages available to not only backers, but also the general public. The deals offered include: The Humanity Hates Trump…Making American Party Games Great Again expansion pack and base set and a second expansion pack, Humanity Hates Hillary TOO! which launches in early-June and is available for pre-order. In addition, packages of exclusive cards that are not for sale are also offered to backers. The company has released a small number of initial run sets currently for sale on Amazon.  

Prior to the launch date, SCS Direct will continue to take pre-orders but it expects to sell out of the full production run prior to the official release date.