Hillcrest Middle School wins three awards

On Tuesday, Sept. 3, executive members from The Connecticut Association of Schools (CAS), Earl Bidwell and Norma-Jean Posocco presented Hillcrest Middle School with two awards of excellence; the CAS School Climate Award (2013-2016) as well as the CAS Exemplary Teaming Practices Award (2013-2016).

These recognitions are awarded to a middle school which demonstrates exemplary practices in the areas of teacher collaboration and planning along with exhibiting an established positive school climate of learning and respect according to the National Middle School Association’s ‘This We Believe, Successful Schools for Young Adolescents’ philosophy. In order to receive this recognition, Hillcrest faculty members completed a rigorous self-assessment examining 27 areas of school practice such as curriculum integration, collaborative decision-making, parent or community involvement and flexible grouping and scheduling. In the following months, a team from CAS then visited the school to verify and validate the assessment and were clearly impressed with the instructional and social practices they witnesses during their two visits.