Herbst gives update on Route 111 intersection improvements

A photo of Route 111, near the shopping plaza. — Marty Isaac photo
A photo of Route 111, near the shopping plaza. — Marty Isaac photo

A design plan to improve a busy intersection of Route 111 has been drawn up by the state and given to the town, according to First Selectman Tim Herbst.

Herbst sent out a press release Thursday, giving an update concerning ongoing meetings and planning for improvements to the Route 111 intersection that is in close proximity to the commercial shopping center that now houses the The Edge, Chip’s, Prime 111 and other retail businesses.

As a follow up to his initial report to residents in March, Herbst the Connecticut Department of Transportation has presented to the Town of Trumbull a preliminary design plan that will realign the entrance of the shopping plaza, along with a new four way intersection.

“The design proposed by the state will create a four way intersection at Old Mine Road, with a traffic light that will help to calm traffic and guarantee safe egress into the center,” he said. “This will include adding a short road opposite Old Mine Road to provide access to the center, and potentially to the condominium development in the rear of the property. The Trumbull Engineering Department is currently evaluating the feasibility of the State’s preliminary design.”

First Selectman Herbst also noted that the state Department of Transportation has identified potential funding sources for a portion of this work. The town is also exploring other potential funding sources for the remaining portions. Some private funding will be required.

“In my capacity as the Chairman of the Connecticut Metropolitan Council of Governments, I intend to work with our Executive Director, Brian Bidoli to see if there are any grant or external funding opportunities that we might be able to take advantage of that would assist us in supplementing some of the costs associated with this construction, so as not to adversely place this burden on Trumbull taxpayers,” he said.

Other short term solutions can be implemented as soon as possible, he said.

“Given the complex nature of this potential situation and relatively high cost, the Town of Trumbull has also asked the state Department of Transportation to review an interim plan to increase the awareness of the location of the current Pequonnock River Trail Crossing,” he said. “The state has performed the review, provided comments and indicated that any short-term improvements would have to be funded at the local level.”