Get ready to jump: Trampoline park set to open early May

The foam pit is filled, the trampolines are installed and birthday parties are already getting booked at Trumbull’s newest family-friendly business, at 25 Trefoil Drive.

Rockin’ Jump trampoline park is scheduled to open May 3, as final touches are completed on the facility, located in an industrial building, across from Lakewood-Trumbull YMCA. The indoor park is a franchise of Rockin’ Jump, a California-based company. The Trumbull location is owned by Fairfield resident Steven Rodier, under his business ZeroGravity LLC.

“Our motto is safe, clean family fun,” Rodier said.

Rodier received Planning and Zoning approval last October and said the location is perfect for his new business.

“This area is booming — you have The Edge fitness, the YMCA, Insports — it’s a great, family-friendly town,” Rodier said.

Trampoline facilities have grown in popularity in the last few years, starting on the West Coast and now opening closer to home. This will be the fourth park in the state, Rodier said.

The facility has several jumping areas, including a trampoline dodgeball court, where kids can play a formal or informal game. Another area features a foam pit, where a couple of kids will be allowed to dive in at a time. Gymnasts or tumblers can go in another sectioned-off area specifically for those who want to do more complicated tricks, while most of the jumpers will be in the free jump trampoline area — featuring some 40 trampolines, including those along the walls.

“Some facilities have the tumbling area in the free jump, but we separated the two just to allow those who want to do more complicated moves an area to do that safely,” Rodier said.

Visitors may also try to take a shot at two trampoline basketball lanes.

“You can dunk a shot,” Rodier said. “It’s something you couldn’t normally do on the playground.”

All jump areas are off a central platform, where parents may sit and keep an eye on kids, though all ages are welcome to jump. Trampoline areas also have monitors assigned to enforce safety rules, prevent overcrowding and keep track of jumping times. Jumpers must be barefoot or may buy a pair of $2 socks with treads, meant to prevent slipping.

“The free jump area can be separated by a curtain, so if it’s a busy Saturday and we have a lot of young kids, we can create an area for kids 6 and under,” Rodier said.

Safety came up when the business came before Planning and Zoning last year and commissioners asked the business to provide regular proof of insurance, to be sure the business follows its own safety procedures. The Rockin’ Jump website features safety information, and all jumpers must sign a waiver in order to participate. Rodier suggests customers sign the waiver online before they arrive, for their convenience. Jump times may also be set up online for easier access. Waivers may still be signed at the facility on computers that will be located at the main entrance.

“The prices are reasonable and we are really serious about safety,” Rodier said. “It’s good, family fun.”

Jump times are sold by the hour, with a normal visit costing $12 for the first hour and $5 for the second. Memberships are also available for discounted rates. Parties and events are already getting booked. The facility offers food packages and a party room, as well as two hours of jump time. Corporate events and other groups may rent the facility, so customers are encouraged to check the website for any scheduling updates.

A lounge area with wi-fi and television is also available off the main platform.

“We really have reasonable prices and we want to be part of the community,” the owner said.

For now, weekday hours on Monday through Thursday are 3 to 9 p.m., Fridays from 3 to 11 p.m., Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. When summer starts, weekday hours will start earlier. The facility is also setting aside “Tot Time” from 8 to 10 a.m. on Saturdays and from 9 to 11 a.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

“We are going to offer that for kids 6 and under — if they can walk they can come on,” Rodier said. “Parents will pay one admission for them and their child. It’s really similar to a play group.”

Parents of younger kids and teens need to sign a waiver but are welcome to drop older kids off.

“If you would drop your kid off at the mall or the movies, then feel free to drop them off here,” he said.

The business is hiring about 50 staff members and eventually hopes to expand its offerings, building a cafeteria area and offering special events like teen night on Fridays and exercise classes.

“It’s a great workout,” Rodier said. “Parents don’t realize that your kids doing an hour of this is better than most other workouts they are going to get.”

All ages are welcome at Trumbull’s Rockin’ Jump, according to the owner, who said another Rockin’ Jump location recently hosted a 69th birthday party.

For more information, visit and search the Trumbull location, or visit