Family business celebrates 40th anniversary

Many things have changed during the last 40 years at Trumbull Center — businesses come and gone — new construction on the way. One thing that has stayed the same is the family behind the Trumbull Service Center, at 950 White Plains Road.

The business, which includes a Mobil gas station, convenience store and full-service car service and repair, has grown, expanded and renovated in the past year, just in time for the Pastir family’s 40th anniversary.

Dorothy (Dotty) Pastir and her husband ran the business for many years, with the help of extended family members, long-time employees and many Trumbull high school students who passed through over the years. Steven Pastir was always active in the Trumbull community and everyone knew him, according to his wife.

Their son, also named Steven, was a big part of the business too, for as long as he can remember.

“Steven began working with his father at a young age and developed a strong interest in the automotive business,” Dorothy said.

In 2011, when his father passed away, Steven Pastir, took ownership of the business.

Steven has a lot of experience both in business and in automotive repair. He has an associate degree in automotive and then earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business. While it was always his desire to run the family business, he continues to work as an instructor at the automotive program at Naugatuck Valley Community College. He has also recently taken ownership of Dave’s Automotive on Barnum Avenue in Stratford.

The property that the Trumbull Service Center is on has been a gathering place for the community, even years before the Pastir’s took over, according to Steven. He and his family say that the customers are key to keep that going, and they appreciate it.

“We’ve had the same customers coming for years and we see their children growing up and then coming back as customers,” Steven said.

Jackie Wright, Dorothy’s sister has been head cashier at the convenience store for years. Her daughter, Sara also works in the store. It’s that family atmosphere that makes it different from other places, according to the family.

When the Pastir family decided to do some major renovations last March, they closed down for a few months, leading many to worry that new owners had come in. They reopened in June, bigger and better.

“It’s still us and we have the same mission in the community that we’ve always had,” Dorothy Pastir said.

A special anniversary event is planned for this Saturday, Oct. 25. The store will be offering free cider and donuts, and handing out tote bags and other free gifts.