Duck Duck Goose brings organic children's clothing to Milford

Yvonne Stobie had been thinking about opening a children's boutique for some time, and when two of her grandchildren developed allergies and skin sensitivities she started doing research for solutions.

Stobie became  frustrated as she combed area stores for organic items. The Internet was an option but “feeling and touching” is part of shopping for children's clothes and toys, she said.

The result is one of downtown Milford's newest stores for people who find themselves on a mission on behalf of a child, grandchild or friend: Duck Duck Goose. This new children's boutique  is located at 43 River Street.

“We believe being  green is the best  way to go these days,” said Stobie, who also happens to be a 35-year labor and delivery nurse.

“In the past decade the term 'organic' has gained immense popularity and purpose,” she said. “Today, more and more parents are choosing organic baby clothing to minimize their child's exposure to the harmful fertilizers and the chemicals used to color and preserve most cottons.”

Organically grown cotton is environmentally friendly, as farms and factories are not spreading these toxins into the water, soil and eventually to the people involved in the process or use of this product,” Stobie added.

“Our organic baby clothing helps eliminate possible health issues that come from traditionally grown and processed cotton,” she said.

Duck  Duck Goose sells ultra soft clothing, stuffed animals, and organic baby care products. In addition the store offers toys that promote imagination and creativity.

Duck Duck Goose will host monthly events for parents and children, plus music events in the fall.

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