Dog Butler business picks-up after the pooch

Bob Baber, founder and owner of Dog Butler, a Trumbull-based business serving Fairfield County, said he got off of the corporate spinning wheel last spring when he started the company.

“America is still a place that allows free enterprise/entrepeneurism and I am all in with Dog Butler,” he said. “This is a service that frees up folks’ time, relieves them of an unpleasant task, gives them a clean back yard for play and entertainment, and in some cases, even allows them to keep their dogs.”

He got the idea from an article he read fifteen years ago about a pooper scooper in the D.C. area. He remembered because his teenage daughter was looking for a job over that summer and suggested it to her. She declined, but the idea stayed. Last February, he called around the country and found that many large metropolitan areas like D.C., Dallas, Denver, Columbus, Ohio, L.A. and Seattle each had dozens of professional pooper scoopers.

The company is growing rapidly in Trumbull, Westport, Fairfield, Norwalk, and Bridgeport.

He said his customers include busy couples that don't have time to clean it up regularly, another is an older woman on oxygen who just cannot get outside to do the chore. Many dog owners just don’t like the task and some can’t bend over like they used to.

“There are many reasons that my customers use my service,” Baber said. “One customer in Westport really hit home with me, she has two labs and two rescue dogs and claims that my service changed her life.

“Dog Butler is in the business of taking care of your dog’s business,” he said. “We save your back, give you back your time, clean your yard and eliminate a source of stress. We provide a little ‘Doggy Dignity’ to man’s best friend.”

Dog Butler pooper scoopers are fully trained and insured. The fee for his service depends upon three factors: the size of the yard, the number of dogs and the frequency of the service, once or twice per week, once every two weeks or once per month.

When the scooper is finished, he takes the bag of dog doo away and leaves a tag on the client’s door to inform them of the time of service and note any item of interest that was seen in the yard or in the “piles.”

For more information visit or call 203-610-5737.