Compassion Leads to Action — St. Theresa students created warm items for the guests of Merton House

With temperatures so low this winter, some of the homeless guests of Merton House spend great amounts of time outdoors. Middle school students from St. Theresa School put their compassion into action. During their recess, they learned to use a sewing machine to create fleece necks for the guests of Merton House. A fleece neck is a tube form of scarf made out of doubled fleece that can extend up to cover the nose and ears and dips down to fill the zipper opening of a jacket. They are great protection against the cold and wind.

The students began by learning to control the machine sewing on paper then moving on to the thick fleece. The number of students increased as they saw what classmates were working on.

When the sewing machine had to go in for repairs, they picked up needles and thread. Instead of looking down at ipods and phones they were chatting as they stitched the warm fabric. Every time a student completed a neck warmer, it was another victory as they added it to the box for Merton House.

In the end, the students completed 48 fleece neck warmers which

were delivered to Merton House. Merton House plans to offer the fleece necks to their guests who come and use their bathing program.