The National Honor Society of Lauralton Hall sponsored a Christmas Stocking Drive for the Mercy Learning Center of Bridgeport. All month, the homerooms have coordinated the donations to make this a school-wide event.

Stockings were stuffed for mothers and children and were delivered, along with Christmas cards containing gift cards to various stores, including Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, and Stop and Shop. Also, large boxes of candy books (lifesaver books, gummy books, etc.) and filled plastic candy canes were given to supplement the Christmas events at the Center.

In the end, a total of 74 stockings, 63 gift cards, 53 candy books and 38 filled candy canes were collected.

The Mercy Learning Center was established in 1987, opening its doors to low-income, undereducated, marginalized women in the Bridgeport community. It’s goal is to break the intergenerational pattern of poverty and illiteracy through education and empowerment. To learn more about the Mercy Learning Center visit mercylearningcenter.org.