Sentimental, snappy and dripping in glitter this drag queen-centric series is an optimistic, family-friendly (for older children) series.

Netflix’s new series “AJ and the Queen” was created by prominent drag queen RuPaul Charles, known for his reality series “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” The show follows Charles’ character Robert, aka Ruby Red, and a wisecracking little girl named AJ as they travel across the country.

When Robert is ready to open his own drag club with his boyfriend Hector, he finds out that his boyfriend was really a con man who stole all of his money. Heartbroken, Robert decides to go out on the drag circuit to try to win back some of the cash and pay off the massive debt Hector’s con incurred. AJ is a pint-sized troublemaker who finds herself in a tough spot when her mother goes missing and they’re evicted from their apartment. Determined to make it on her own, AJ tries to steal from Robert and later stows away in his RV after he heads out for his drag tour in the hopes of finding her grandfather in Texas.

“AJ and the Queen” features plenty of big drag numbers, colorful costumes and heart that borders on schmaltzy. Robert is an optimistic dreamer while A.J. is a rough and spunky munchkin and they both find themselves surprised by how much they need one another.

Charles plays the soft-hearted and sentimental Robert with lively humor. Izzy G. plays the gutsy and coarse-talking AJ. The heavily-sequined series showcases plenty of drag queen talent while also plucking at viewers’ heartstrings as it dives into addiction, identity and found families.

At times the plot can veer into the “afterschool special” realm, but the sassy and at times catty drag queen humor helps ground the series and prevents it from feeling overly sentimental.

“AJ and the Queen” is rated TV-14. Viewers who enjoy the humor in “AJ and the Queen” might also enjoy “Sex Education.” The Netflix series has two seasons about a high schooler providing his peers with sex therapy tips.