Binge and Repeat: ‘The Widow’ falls flat

The Widow
The Widow

Making her television debut, Kate Beckinsale stars in Amazon’s series, “The Widow.” She plays Georgia Wells, the titular widow, who sees an image of her husband in a news clip three years after he supposedly died in a plane crash in the Congo. After glimpsing a man she believes is her husband, Georgia hops the next plane to the Congo in search of answers. During her search Georgia befriends a child, Adidja, who had been kidnapped by the militia who may or may not know what happened to her husband.

As she tries to track down her husband, the drama unfolds to reveal that the plane crash wasn’t caused by a technical malfunction. As Georgia’s recovery mission devolves into a thrilling investigation about the plane crash, Georgia and her friends quickly discover that there are powerful people who don’t want the details surrounding the crash to be revealed.
Beckinsale’s character avoids explosions and dodges militiamen as she travels around the Congo and Rwanda, learning dark secrets about her husband and his work colleagues.
Despite having an intriguing concept, the series falls a bit flat after the writers reveal a mildly unexpected curveball into the plot. While the series is layered with flashbacks to add more intrigue to the story, like Georgia’s marriage problems and how Adidja was forced into becoming a child soldier, the story itself misses the mark. Beckinsale provides a gentle humanity in her portrayal of a grieving widow as she stops to help others while carrying out her desperate mission. Alex Kingston, Babs Olusanmokun and Charles Dance provide notable performances in their supporting roles throughout the series. Unfortunately, the thrilling premise of the plot didn’t deliver, perhaps because the writers provided an all too tidy conclusion in the finale.
“The Widow” has one season available on Amazon. The series is rated TV-MA. Viewers might also enjoy watching “Jack Ryan,” another action series available on Amazon, about a CIA analyst who foils a terrorist plot.