Binge and Repeat: The Punisher reveals a softer side

Jon Bernthal stars in The Punisher. -Netflix contributed photo
Jon Bernthal stars in The Punisher. —Netflix contributed photo

After Frank Castle solved the big “whodunnit” surrounding the death of his family he understandably wants to drop off the grid. At the beginning of The Punisher’s second season audiences find Frank living his life like a pretty average person ... well at least for 20 minutes.
While hanging out at a bar, Frank’s new-found simple life comes to a grinding halt when he stumbles across a kid who is clearly in over her head. And all hell breaks loose from there.

While the latest installment of The Punisher has cranked up the number of fight scenes it also provides the audience with a chance to see a softer side of Frank. Sure last season we watched him seek vengeance on those who killed his family, but now we’re seeing the emotional toll all the constant fighting has taken on Frank. This season also lets us peer behind Frank’s tough shell as he unwillingly begins to care about Amy, the kid that shattered his calm life, and does what he can to keep her safe.
Frank has tender and quiet moments with Amy as they talk about Frank’s family and the friends Amy has lost. She even takes on the role of Frank’s surrogate daughter as they try to figure out why a group of assassins is after them.
Jon Bernthal easily slides back into The Punisher’s skin, as he throws punches left and right, while keeping to his code of not harming the innocent. Bernthal’s performance breathes humanity into a character who could easily be seen as little more than a gun toting bruiser. Amber Rose Revah returns as a jaded Agent Dinah Madani. Giorgia Whigham as Amy provides the series with some needed comedy relief as she spits out humorous lines like “flustercluck.”
The Punisher has two seasons available on Netflix. Viewers might also enjoy Netflix’s Daredevil — which was used as a jumping point for The Punisher — a series about a blind hero living in Hell’s Kitchen.